The Team

James Katalbas / Stubbs The Chief Rocka / Founder
James Katalbas is the founder of Snapback, and the visionary producer who had elevated the brand to where it is today. James oversees all Snapback operations and projects to make sure the ship is running smoothly.  He also develops and supervises all technological strategies, services, and products for Snapback. Although he is of a younger generation than you’d expect, he has always had a respect for the golden age of hiphop music.  It is important to keep that essential essence of the brand alive, no matter how the “old school” evolves.  James intends to keep pushing the team forward on to bigger and better heights.  His passion and flair for problem solving makes him a great member of leadership in the Snapback organization.  He is the driving force behind all things Snapback.
Nicole Castaneda / First Lady of Snapback / Business Communication and Development
Nicole Castaneda oversees all communications initiatives between the brand, venues, talent and outside vendors.  She played an integral role as the catalyst for bringing Stubbs and Rob together to start the original Snapback in North Hollywood.  As a lover of old school hiphop, her interest in building Snapback comes with a rooted history in music.  She has a very well versed history in the nightlife event planning industries with her well established background at The Federal Bar and SBE.  She continues to lead the charge in pushing Snapback’s business status forward and has the business savy to push the brand to its fullest potential.
Chris Aguilar / Just Pudge / Brand and Creative Director 
Chris Aguilar is the Brand and Creative Director of Snapback and has a diverse approach to innovative endeavors taking on every project with an open mind and heart. As a veteran illustrator and graphics design guru, Chris transfers his ingenious aesthetic in a way that is so palatable and proper for the Snapback Culture. His mind is filled with creative and clever designs week after week. Chris is also a vital contributor to the overall brand and feel through his ideas of what the culture should be. He has a lot of input as to the upcoming promotions, programs and content that is in the pipeline for the Snapback brand.

Rob Rich / The Mighty Oracle / Promotions
Rob Rich is one of the founding fathers of Snapback and played an essential role in launching the North Hollywood location into the stratosphere through his promotion in the dance community.  He is an international dance choreographer who has been teaching Hip Hop classes at the world renown Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio as well as traveling and instructing internationally in places such as Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam, and Poland.  He continues to push the Snapback brand forward through the dance community through his network and his industry.

Ryhan Ramos / Orion / Webmaster
Ryhan Ramos has accumulated numerous technical skills and has kept music and technology at the forefront. Ryhan’s tech savy allows him to lead the charge on the digital forefront. His eagerness to learn and drive to be productive within the technology and music industries has allowed him to be efficient in web development, mobile technology, and UI design. Ryhan continues to work continuously on improving the Snapback online experience.
Ed Trillo / The Treezy / Brand and Creative Photographer
Ed Trillo is the Brand and Creative photographer of Snapback. Ed originally started out as the primary graphic designer and brand lead on all things Snapback and played an essential role in laying the foundation for what Snapback is today. Ed has since taken a more focused role as an experiential producer. As a veteran photographer with a keen eye for style behind the lens, Ed focuses on taking masterful photos and contributes to the quality of experience for what the Snapback club-goer experiences every night.

Raul Caracoza / Boogie / Brand Designer Extraordinaire

Raul Caracoza is the brand designer that has been a integral part of the team. He contributes immensely to the brand voice and direction. It was his work in the entertainment industry that led Caracoza to working with Grammy Award winning acts such as Ozomatli and Play-N-Skills, as well as hip-hop pioneers – The Pharcyde and others, allowing him to blend his love of music with his graphics skills. His work in the entertainment industry continued, as he began photographing artists that include Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Pitbull and LMFAO among others, further broadening his multimedia abilities. He is a lover of graphics, music, fine art and photography and Caracoza’s pieces have been published by multiple studios.

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